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Our engineers continue to show their knowledge when it comes to providing machines that possess excellent ground clearance and suspension travel. Combine that with on-the-fly 4WD on most models and matching the correct tires to horsepower, you'll notice their hard work on the trail, on the track or in the field.

2/4 WD + Electronic Front Differential Lock

In 2WD, steering is light and nimble. Shift on the fly into 4WD and power is delivered to the front wheels. The front wheels spin at different speeds. Steering effort remains minimal. When the going gets muddy, rocky or just plain nasty, activate the electronic front differential lock for ultimate traction. Power is sent to all four wheels, enabling you to crawl, climb and continue on with confidence.

  • Standard 4-Wheel Drive
  • Blocage du différentiel avant

28-Inch Maxxis Zilla Tires with Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

Weighing up to 10 lbs. less than the competition, the Maxxis® Zilla is one of the lightest mud tires you’ll find. The aggressive tread pulls well, yet rides smooth on the trail. This tire combines high-speed performance and superb braking with a durable 6-ply rating.


Manufacturers from all over the world ask to see our Arctic Cat engine assembly plant in St. Cloud, Minnesota. We’re very happy to oblige. If everyone had a facility this special, there’d be a lot more great engines out there. We don’t assemble all of our engines here, but know this: If it’s powering one of our machines, it powers up to our quality standards.

The 1000 H2 is a 951cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled 90° V-Twin with EFI. With features like a high-capacity radiator and thermostatically controlled cooling fan, you can count on EFI for cold weather starts and consistent fuel delivery in higher elevations.

The 700 H1 is a 695cc, liquid-cooled single-cylinder with EFI. Along with being a cleaner-burning, more efficient engine, the H1 delivers excellent throttle response and superior thermal efficiency.

  • 1000 H2
  • 700 H1

Duramatic Automatic Transmission

As the name implies, our Duramatic™ automatic transmission is one tough tranny. CVT technology (continuously variable transmission) responds to vehicle speed, engine RPM and load. The three main components are a primary clutch, secondary clutch (driven clutch) and belt. The primary clutch is always engaged, thus reducing belt wear.

Ride tech

Arctic Cat® ATVs are known for their impressive combination of ground clearance, suspension travel and on-the-fly 4WD shifting. All these add up to smiles on the trails and feeling good on the farm or the job site.

Race-Inspired Suspension

You're staring at a mud pit of uncertainty in front of you; your competitors on each side of you and you are smiling ear-to-ear. With 10 inches of suspension travel, 14 inches of ground clearance and preload spring, that smile is you thinking how great it's going to be getting to the other side and watching everyone else behind you.

Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

It’s all about managing steering torque. Forces are measured electronically both at the handlebar and at the wheels. The ECU calculates resistance as it relates to speed. The power steering motor responds faster than you can blink. Arctic Cat EPS will make you the master of slow-speed maneuvers.


Stopping power is just as important as going power. Hydraulic disc brakes, large-bore calipers and braided steel lines are the tools you need to confidently push your riding abilities.


ATVs can be used in many ways and we have you covered for whatever the task at hand is. Hauling, pulling, plowing, riding or playing. And options, we've got plenty.

SpeedRack® System

Built-in entry points make it super easy to add attachments to these steel racks. The racks are rated for a carrying capacity of 100-lbs. on the front and 200-lbs. on the rear.

Rear 2-Inch Receiver

You’ll be using your ATV every chance you get. So we outfitted it with a stout 2-inch rear receiver, just like the one on your pickup. Gone are the days of multiple hitches. Hook up to your boat trailer, utility trailer, SPEEDPoint™ attachments. And get to it - everything.

3000-LB. Winch

Arctic Cat/WARN designed and engineered. This 3000-lb. winch has the strength and durability to match its pulling power. With 50 ft. of cable length, it’s here to pull you or someone in need out of a tight spot.

Limited Features

With these MudPro™ Limiteds, you get a deluxe digital and analog gauge along with heavy-duty steel front and rear bumpers with dual-tube construction that helps protect your chassis from light impact. They also protect your grill and lights from brush and debris.

Snorkel Air Intake

The elevated snorkel design intake does more than pump clean air to the engine. It also breathes life into the clutch, making sure the CVT belt stays dry and cool through the deepest holes.

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MSRP Starting At $12,999 CAD*

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ATV Safety Training

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